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The pages are arranged so that page 1 contains the newest and any special albums.

Then the albums are arranged from newest to oldest with the first pictures from 2002 on the last page.

The albums will shift backward as new albums are added, so what is on a particular page today may not be there next visit.

If an album you want to see has moved, look for it on the next page as I may have uploaded a new album since your last visit;

When you have any of the Index Pages open, you can move from page to page by using the numbered link boxes at the bottom of the page.

When you have any of the Album Pages open, you can click the map button to see where the pictures were taken.
This function requires manual input so the older albums may not be completed.

When you have an individual photo open, you can hover your mouse over the "Information" link in the upper left above the picture.
If your browser on your computer allows/supports hovertext, you will see the settings used and which camera I used to take the picture.
As far as I know most of the pictures have this function embedded -- I had to edit the older ones to enable the function.

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and to prevent downloading the pictures.
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