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This is my first try at a website. It has been updated to keep the links working and is otherwise as  it first went on line in 2003.

I purchased a software package from HomeServer (from ).  It was quite easy to get it up and running on my computer. The address: originally found the photo server which is running on a computer that is physically located in my house. The "home2all" system was discontinued in 2006.

The address had to be changed to in January 2006 when the service became unavailable.

Later in 2006, the DYNU service suffered several major outages, and the DNS service for was moved to where it has been much more reliable. In March 2008 I changed service options with Telus and had to move the forwarding to port 8000 so the site moved to

The size of pictures that you will be able to see is restricted by the speed of my uplink to the internet and by the speed of your connection. My "server" will upload pictures faster than a dial up connection or  a "lite" ADSL or Cable connection will download them so you may not notice any delays. If you are using a high speed ADSL or Cable connection, the upload from my computer may be a bit slower than your connection could handle so please be patient.

I am just learning how to set up the pages and for the time being, I am currently using the standard templates in the software package. The site will be an evolving thing, and I will be changing and improving it as I learn more about web site construction. I had tried a couple of commercial photo sharing sites and found that either they were unreliable, or they would not display pictures adequately. That led me to the experiment on my own computer where I can control and  choose content, display size, and quality. 

The path to a working site included a number of software revisions and updates and a number of name/address changes.  As I was building the site, Telus (the local telephone company and my Internet Service Provider) were changing their types of service and upgrading security so they bounced me on and off the Internet a few times. 

On July 19, 2004, I logged on with a domain registered to myself at

That domain currently only includes the photo site  and will eventually include some historic family pictures and some family history -- maybe more. I also have a double speed ADSL connection which is set up and designed to host a server so I am on the Internet to stay.  That address connects directly to my server and will continue to do so with software updates and changes. That is the address to bookmark to always be able to find my site.

I would appreciate any feedback either about the site or the photography as I am learning in both areas.


Ron McLean

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