The pages in this folder are the pages from my earliest attempts at putting together a website. You can view them individually by clicking on each of them. In addition, you can view some of my more recent websites by clicking the links below. All of those sites use this photoserver as the host for the pictures they display.

My most recent pictures can be viewed as a slide show:

Click here for an album of my most recent pictures.

Information about me as well as my complete collection of digital pictures can be seen by visiting:

Ron McLean's Home Page

I also have pictures and information about

 Ogden Point

which is the area in which I live at:

My Ogden Point Pages

A number of my best pictures were available to make on line greeting cards at Cards From Ogden Point which was a free post card site I maintained that had no advertising, pop ups or spyware on any pages.
I let that site go when the possibility of Trojans and Viruses got too extreme, and people stopped using E-Card sites.

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