This is one picture taken with a Nikon Nikkor DX AF Fisheye 10.5mm F2.8 G Lens

On A Nikon D70 Digital Camera.

Image adjusted using Nikon Capture Editor V4

Nikon 10.5mm Dx Fisheye Lens   Nikon D70 digital Camera.

This is a very small fisheye lens which means it takes pictures that are wider than it is normally possible to see.

It works like the peephole viewers in doors.

In fact hat is what the front of the lens looks like.

The custom software straightens the curvature in the picture to make it into a "normal" panorama shape.

The angle of view is nearly 180 degrees so you have to be careful about getting your feet or tripod legs in the picture.

This is the original picture from camera before "correction" with the software.

This is what the camera "saw" through the lens.

Note how the trees bend and the lines at the top and bottom of the picture are extremely curved.

This is the complete frame as "corrected" by the software before it was cropped to be rectangular.

Nikkor 10.5 mm DX Fisheye

This is the final picture after "correction" with the Nikon software which automatically "cropped" it to the rectangular shape..

This picture was "cropped" using other software to produce a "panorama" type rectangle.

Note how it includes foreground that the picture above didn't include.

That area is so close to the camera that it seems distorted .

From where I was standing, I would have had to turn my head to see what is in the extreme edges of this picture.

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