These two pictures show the extreme difference in the appearance of a scene that can be rendered by choosing a different lens to view it.

The top picture was taken with a 10.5mm lens. The Pavilion building is barely discernable and appears to be on the distant horizon.

The lower picture was taken from exactly the same spot using a 400mm lens. It shows close up detail at one corner of the Pavilion in such a view that the steps and lilac trees are clearly discernable.

Nikkor 10.5 mm DX Fisheye


Picture taken with a 10.5mm lens

80 - 400mm VR Lens @ 400mm

Picture taken with a 400mm lens

Nikon 10.5mm DX fisheye Lens  Nikon VR 80 - 400mm Zoom Lens

Nikon D70 Digital Camera

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