These two pictures show the extreme difference in the appearance of a scene that can be rendered by choosing a different lens to view it.

The top picture was taken with a 10.5mm lens. The Ogden Point Breakwater and Lighthouse are barely discernable and appear to be on the distant horizon. The ship at the dock is just a small white spot in the middle of the picture.

The lower picture was taken from exactly the same spot using a 400mm lens. It shows close up detail of the Breakwater and the Lighthouse and the people on the Breakwater are clearly discernable. In the bottom picture on the page, you can see the Ogden Point Cafe and the buildings on the far side of the Inner Harbor in Esquimalt (which are at least a mile away.)

The Breakwater is a little over half a mile from where I was sitting when I took the picture.

Nikkor 10.5 mm DX Fisheye

Picture taken with a 10.5mm lens


80 - 400mm VR Lens @ 400mm

Picture taken with a 400mm lens


Nikon 10.5mm DX fisheye Lens  Nikon VR 80 - 400mm Zoom Lens

Nikon D70 Digital Camera


Picture taken with a 400mm lens

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