Webcam Connections For Cell Phones & Tablets.

Section 1 Java cameras

These appear to be live motion as they refresh quite quickly.
They require a browser that supports running Java Applets (not just JavaScript.)
If you browser supports neither Java nor Javascript, the camera may load a single non refreshing snapshot when the page loads.

They may require a password for the still images.

Javacam  (P8080)

Javacam 1  (P81)

Javacam 2  (P82)

Javacam 3  (P83)

Javacam 4  (P84)

Javacam 5  (P85)

Javacam 6  (P86)

Javacam 7  (P8081)

Section 2 Stil Images

Jpg Pictures That refresh every 20 seconds:

To log in,

Username = Victoria

Password = Victoria

Webcam (P8080)

Webcam 1  (P81)

Webcam 2  (P82)

Webcam 3  (P83)

Webcam 4  (P84)

Webcam 5  (P85)

Webcam 6  (P86)

Webcam 7  (P8081)

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The Java options don't load on either my Blackberry nor my Android Galaxy Tablet.

The still images load in the Android Browser and Firefox on the Tablet, and Opera Mini on the Blackberry.

The Blackberry Browser loads some pages and not others -- it appears that the RIM system blocks some ports.

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